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Today (November 22nd) is the 53rd anniversary of the JFK assassination. The majority of the American public believes that the assassination was a conspiracy. Yet the official line from the establishment and the media maintains that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The JFK assassination is thus lumped in the same category as Roswell and the faked moon landings. Its proponents are dubbed conspiracy theory nuts – the type that once cannot possibly engage with as parodied hilariously in Richard Linklater’s movie Slackerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9edQEzp7zGA

Remarkably, the US government has already conceded that the assassination was likely a conspiracy. In the 1970s post Watergate, the Church Committee was set up to investigate the abuses of the intelligence agencies. It uncovered all kinds of remarkable information, including the CIA’s assassination plots against various foreign leaders, such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro. It also revealed that the CIA was working hand in glove with the mafia and anti-Castro Cuban exiles on the destabilisation of the communist Cuban regime. As a result of the findings of the Church Committee, the House Select Committee on Assassinations was set up to investigate the political assassinations of the 1960s. It concluded that the JFK assassination was a probable conspiracy.

Since then, Oliver Stone’s JFK biopic has posited that the assassination was the work of the military-industrial complex, including the CIA. Yet such theories continue to be discredited as merely belonging in the realm of paranoia. However, the evidence is overwhelming that something unusual happened that day in Dallas, Texas. The accumulation of witness testimony, medical evidence and audio-visual footage points to more than one gunman.

Oswald’s background is a significant pointer having worked at a top secret military base in Japan before apparently defecting to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. On his return to the US, he was barely questioned (rather than being treated as a traitor) and the State Department even handed him a loan to help him settle down. Can you imagine Edward Snowden being treated the same way? The biographical evidence suggests that Oswald was likely an intelligence asset. Following his arrest, Oswald infamously remarked, “I’m just a patsy”.

History clearly shows that conspiracies happen with regular frequency. Unsurprisingly, it also shows that powerful interests get together to discuss how to run world affairs.

Offical documents now confirm that the US government was planning Operation Northwoods during the Kennedy administration. Northwoods was a false flag operation, which would have entailed faked terrorist attacks on American soil in order to whip up public opinion in support of an invasion of Cuba. Sound familiar? JFK was ultimately forced to veto this bonkers plan.

We now know that the Vietnam War was ramped up on the basis of a conspiracy theory. The US distorted reports of unprovoked North Vietnamese attacks on the US navy in the Bay of Tonkin incident. In light of the Chilcot report, it is also evident that the public was misled about the true motives for the Iraq War. Evidence now seems to suggest that the war planners likely knew in advance that WMD did not exist.


We also know that the CIA has run all manner of covert action operations and plots either to overthrow so called rogue regimes or assassinate foreign leaders. By definition, the basic methodology of intelligence agencies consists of covert action accompanied by cover ups. Once one is aware of these patterns, it is not exactly a stretch to conceive that JFK may have been assassinated as a result of a similar conspiracy.

It is worth interrogating whose interests it serves to use the label conspiracy theory in order to discredit any serious attempt to interrogate how power works. Evidently, the conspiracy theory moniker works in the interests of the powers that be. It dismisses any idea that wealthy and powerful individuals and organisations might get together to discuss how to run the world.

In fact, it conveniently neutralises the notion that there is a powerful ruling class at the apex of the capitalist system. This ruling class often operates in undemocratic and secretive ways in order to further its interests usually at the expense of the majority. This flies in the face of the accepted wisdom that we live in a democracy in which the influence of ordinary people is important.

So the next time that we find ourselves on the road to another war, it is worth interrogating the pretexts and motives and asking who really benefits.

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